I am an oil and gas technician by day but my single lifestyle allows me to pursue many passions, one of which being SuckersbySteph.  
 I say single because I am not yet married and not blessed with children just yet, but I do have a wonderful supportive boyfriend Steve.  I also have two great parents that live close and my only brother and his three children that love the continuous flow of broken and mistake pops!  Joe 10 (Pictured below), Sammie 4 (Pictured with me), and Jessie 2(Pictured Below).  I have been involved in some facet of competitive team sports for almost 16 years. My involvement in fast pitch softball led me to the collegiate level. After playing four years of softball and acquiring my Bachelors in Mathematics in 2001, I harnessed my competitive spirit into sales and eventually sales management. I always have credited my success to my role in team sports and wanted to give back to the community by encouraging others, so I eagerly volunteered for a directors role in a local non profit youth baseball and softball program that maintains twenty to thirty teams and growing.  
I also have a baby named Roxy, a 3 year old Shih tzu and light of my life. She has asked many times, but I do not allow her to help with sucker production. 

I love to feature shops so please let me know if you are interested in a swap or a giveaway and we’ll work something out!