I do realize Easter was two days ago but as you will soon figure out, I am late for everything!

This was supposed to be my Sunday Easter post, but here goes….

One year and two days ago Easter, before I had even dreamed of SuckersbySteph, my only brother and his three amazing children and I had family pictures taken.  A high school friend, Amanda, who was starting her own photography business volunteered to take them and she was perfect!   Except for these huge bright hot pink lollipops she brought for pictures.  I cringed when she pulled them out!  I could just see the mess all over my niece’s precious Easter dresses, that I had just purchased.

 Amanda said, “Oh they make wonderful photos!”  Uh huh, yeah right, I am thinking a wonderful mess!  Now one year later I realize some things ironically are meant to be.
We could have not taken any better photos even if we had known!

So fast forward a year now I am running a lollipop business and starting a blog and I needed a picture of me.  So I am searching my computer and up pops this one!  Do we look happy?  I mean seriously I can’t remember a better time than what I had that day with the kiddos!  My brother has Joe, the most grown up boy I have every met full of honor and over- flowing with character at the ripe age of 10.  Sammie (pictured) is 4 and has the softest most tender heart and the best little helper and finally Jessie who is 2 and going to be one smart and stubborn young lady one day!  I sure hope when I have children that I well love them as much as I love these precious little people!  Oh I can't leave out the part creator of these amazing little people my brother Spencer, I am scared I won’t be half the parent he is, what an amazingly strong person!  See more family photos here in my about me section!

I guess what I am trying to say is that these big bright hot pink lollipops brought this happiness to the surface!  I mean seriously is that even possible?  Yes it is, and I hope you can experience the same happiness we had that day when you enjoy some of my homemade chocolate lollipops with your loved ones at your special occasions!

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