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A lot of shop owners have a misconception about Etsy. They believe “If I build a store they will come!”

Unfortunately that just isn’t true. Etsy is essentially giving you a store front. Most people know that Etsy is the best neighborhood to shop in, but no one knows about your shop.  It’s up to you to tell people about your unique products, your exceptional service and your fantastic prices!

Silk Scarf by Whitemoth
 I bet you joined a BNR or a team and you get a few sales. But that’s it. Where are the customers? Why do similar shops have 100’s of sales and you only have 11 – three of which were from your mom?
This is not a very sexy answer – but they are successful because they are working for it. Probably every day.  
Unless you are lucky enough to be featured on the Today Show, it takes good old fashioned elbow grease.  And I am not the expert on getting the most sales for sure (I have only reached 50 sales) But what I am an expert at - is finding answers from the people who DO know.

Soap with Soul by Sacredsuds
I have compiled a list of resources to help get you started on making your shop envied by all in this little Etsy neighborhood.
1.       Etsy has several great ways to help you out. You can sign up for newsletters and read their daily posts but the very best is the Seller Handbook and I suggest you read it beginning to end. These are people who have been at this longer than you – they know the inside scoop. 
2.       Do you know what SEO is? If not, you need to be schooled NOW! When you set up your shop you should utilize ALL of the free tips and tricks that you can find. Etsy has also put together a post about utilizing your tags, headlines and descriptions to their fullest extent. Your SEO can get you on Google – and who searches with Google? Millions of people- Connect with them today!
3.       Go to the front page of Etsy. What do all of the featured shops have in common? Beautiful photography! It doesn’t matter if it’s a band t-shirt or a baby’s burp cloth, it looks like it came out of an editorial magazine. Now look at your pictures. Do they need some umph? A little pizzazz? Concentrate on your pictures and read these great tips from people who know. Great pictures help get you featured in treasuries, or on someone’s blog, which reaches even more people.
4.       The final and probably most important step is to build relationships with your customers. There is no excuse for you to not have a Twitter. Tweeting is fast and easy and it can build traffic to your shop quickly. With traffic come sales, especially when it’s targeted to people who like you! There is also Facebook, and even setting up your own blog! There are so many ways to network and grow relationships with your customers.  Also, when you follow tweets, ‘like’ a fan page on Facebook or follow a blog – you will now be privy to their insight. Learn the tricks of the trade from those shop owners!

Wooden trunk boxed - Number and Sign Stamps by Karaku
I am sorry there is no magic pill. And this is just a starting point. If you have any questions or specific topics you want covered on a future post, please comment and I will do my best to help.  

Sammi is a creative starter who loves to help others do the same. She always has several projects going at once and loves to boss people around. So she had three children. You can find her on freckleLips or Love2Upcycle or on a soccer a field in middle America.

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